Faculty and Staff

Dr Stella Zorpa has a long and established educational career in lecturing and lecturer training.
She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the National University of Athens; a MSc in Educational Leadership from the Open University of Cyprus and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from Saint Louis University. Stella is the Programme Coordinator, teaches Business Communication and Professional English modules, and during her many years teaching and training previously worked at state schools in Cyprus and Greece and various private educational institutions. She also worked at the British Council Cyprus for over 15 years as both an English teacher and an IELTS trainer for teachers.
Stella’s impact lies in her dedicated involvement in shaping the college's program and syllabi. As a Program Coordinator at Akademia College she studies and develops the curriculum, ensuring that the learning objectives align with the topics taught in each course. Stella organises training sessions for the faculty that explore contemporary issues affecting education. New and existing faculty members are supported and directed under her mentorship, as she skilfully navigates them through the difficulties of pedagogy and institutional ethos. Having attended a number of training sessions and seminars held by DIPAE (The Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education) allow her expertise to excel in areas such as plagiarism prevention, the implementation of flipped classrooms, and the difficulties and variations of effective online teaching. In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, Stella ensures that her peers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and methodologies.

Dr Marilena Paraskeva is an Associate Researcher at Akademia College. She holds a PhD in Linguistics from Birkbeck College, University of London (UK), an MSc in Computational Linguistics & Formal Grammar from King’s College London (UK), and a BA in Greek Philology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece). She is a Special Scientist at the University of Cyprus and a Scientific Collaborator at the European University Cyprus. She has previously held the posts of Visiting Lecturer and Post-doctoral Researcher at the University of Cyprus, and Local Consultant at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Cyprus. She has published, among others, in the ‘International Journal of Multilingualism’ and ‘Sociolinguistic Studies’ on code-switching and language and gender. She has presented and talked extensively on linguistics and has also been invited to participate in formal peer reviews on topics relating to bilingualism and multilingualism. Dr Paraskeva was presented with an ‘Exceptional award' during her doctoral studies, in recognition of the student's research progress and contribution to the activities run by the Department of Applied Linguistics and Communication at Birkbeck College, University of London (UK).


Louis Mouzourides is a hospitality lecturer with many years of working experience in the industry. He holds a Hotel Management Diploma from the Swiss School of Hotel & Tourism Management. After graduating he began his career as Public Relations Officer, Food & Beverage Manager and Hotel Manager. He teaches Front Office Management and Housekeeping Management at the college. Louis brings his valuable work experience of the last 25+ years and industry know-how into the classroom giving real-world examples to the students and the opportunity for them to practise their skills in a hotel environment. He is also an active member of several college committees and an enthusiastic member of the hiking club.

Costas Pishias is our expert in Food & Beverage and teaches both F&B Management and F&B Cost Control at the college. He is active in both national and international associations, exhibitions and competitions. After working in the hospitality industry, he graduated with a Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management jointly awarded by the Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE). He has worked in the local tourism industry for the last 40 years in the positions of Bar Manager and Food & Beverage Manager. Costas is the President and founder of the Cyprus Bartenders Association, which amongst other training programmes & events, organises the annual Bar Show that has many informative seminars, cocktail competitions and exhibitor networking. He is also a member and a certified trainer of the International Bartenders Association (IBA).

Katerina Soulioti is our lecturer specialising in Guest Relations and Event Management modules. With 25 years of experience as a Public Relations Manager and Weddings & Events Manager, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the classroom. She brings her enthusiasm and love for excellent guest relations to inspire our students. With a Higher Diploma in Hotel Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management, Katerina combines her academic qualifications with extensive professional expertise to provide comprehensive instruction and mentorship for our students.

Pavlos Klonis is our Hotel Information Systems lecturer. With a Master's degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor's degree in Computer & Information Sciences, Pavlos combines his academic knowledge with practical experience. His professional background includes roles as a Senior Development Manager, Project Manager, Software Developer/Database Administrator, and IT Manager. Pavlos's proficiency in databases, programming languages, and IT operations equips him to impart comprehensive knowledge to students. With his strong educational foundation, hands-on experience, and dedication to mentorship, Pavlos ensures that students gain a thorough understanding of hotel information systems and their practical applications.


Christina Archontous is a fully qualified practising school psychologist with a Bachelor in Psychology and a Masters in Educational Psychology and holds a certified instructor status for John Maxwell Team and the John Maxwell Method DISC Report.  She has experience as a school psychologist with children and adolescent assessment of learning, behavioural, emotional and developmental difficulties and provides personal development coaching sessions in private practice. Christina teaches the module of Personal and Professional Development at the college as well as providing student welfare support services at the college for any student that requires more specialised intervention.


Georgios Motsios has valuable experience in the hospitality sectors of both Greece and Cyprus. After graduating with a Bachelor of Tourist Enterprises Administration and a postgraduate course in Human Resource Management, he began his career working in the hotel industry of Greece as F&B Restaurant Manager, Operations & HR Manager, attaining Hotel General Manager status. Alongside his career advancement he also taught at state and private vocational training institutes in the fields of hospitality and tourism. At Akademia College he teaches the Hospitality Marketing & Sales module.


Andros Karayiannis studied German and English literature in Germany, followed by studies in English literature in the UK and studied French literature in France. After completing his studies, he returned to Cyprus and graduated in International Relations & European Studies at Masters level. He worked as a recognized tour guide for the Cyprus Tourism Organisation in Greek, English, French and German languages, covering areas such as history, archaeology & civilization, folk culture, religion, anthropogeographic environment to name a few. He has also taught English and German languages in private and public schools and at university level. Andros has written many articles focusing on the tourism industry, wider political issues in Cyprus and problems that the young people face i.e., living in rural areas, access to education and employment prospects. He is also involved in many European programmes and projects.


Ivan Kovalenko is an accomplished lecturer with a solid academic background, holding a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Leicester. With nearly a decade of teaching experience as a Business Education Teacher, he specialises in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Marketing, Management, Statistics, Finance, Human Resources, and Law. Committed to continuous professional development, Ivan has acquired various certifications from seminars in education, business, and computer proficiency. Additionally, since 2020, he has served as the founder/owner of Imprint Marketing, showcasing his entrepreneurial endeavours in the marketing field. Beyond academia, Ivan brings a unique perspective shaped by his involvement in real estate and military service. Proficient in Greek, English, and Russian, he contributes to a diverse and well-rounded learning environment for his students.


Ioannis Kameris holds a Bachelor degree in Hospitality Management graduating from the University of Surrey in 2011. Along with his studies he followed other courses to receive certificates in Revenue Management (L1) and Hotel Revenue Management. He continued his studies in 2018 and 2021, receiving Professional Diplomas in Social Media Marketing and in Digital & Social Media Marketing. He has experience in the hotel industry where he has worked as a quality and branding coordinator, a procurement officer, a hotel operations manager and Food & Beverage Supervisor. Currently he is the Contracting and Revenue Manager in the Sunrise Hotels. He shows continuous self-development in both academic and industrial level which have helped him achieve his goals and become a well-established and successful Commercial Leader. Additionally, Ioannis speaks Greek, English and Bulgarian. 

Maria Kapnoula completed the Housekeeping Course at the Hotel and Catering Institute of Cyprus, in 1990. Since then, she has been attending different educational courses related to the hospitality industry, such as Health and Safety in Hotels, Food Allergies in catering units, Risk Assessment Analysis in working areas. Maria continued her studies in 2017 and received a Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management from Northern Council (NCFC) UK in collaboration with Larnaca College. Maria has a long-standing experience in hotels working as an Executive Housekeeper. Maria brings her practical working knowledge of housekeeping to her lecturing, teaching Housekeeping Management.


Dimitris Tsoukkas spent his educational years in the United States, graduating in Hotel & Restaurant Administration at Bachelor level and Public Relations at Masters level from New York Institute of Technology. He gained valuable experience and insight in the international tourism and hospitality industry and attended a summer course at L’ École Hotelier in Switzerland as part of his studies. Dimitris was an Assistant Relations Officer for the Cyprus Tourism Organisation New York office, offering travel advice, assistance and attended trade shows to promote brand awareness of Cyprus as a tourist destination. When he returned to Cyprus, he managed his own restaurant business and worked in the hotel industry as F&B Manager and General Manager positions. Dimitris brings his practical working knowledge of the hospitality industry to his lecturing and his international tourism experience and insights.

Natalia Adamidou is a highly skilled Russian language tutor with a strong academic background and extensive work experience. With a BA in Russian Language and Literature, she possesses a solid foundation in language education. Natalia has taught at private institutes over the last 10 years, with expertise in preparing young students and adults for GCE/A LEVEL Exams and POUSHKIN Exams. Additionally, Natalia has worked as a Russian Translator for the National Police Service of the Republic of Cyprus, in real-time translation, playback recordings and for various documentation.

Anastasios Philippou holds the post of Lecturer for the Hotel Management course at Akademia College and is also the college’s Career Adviser. He studied Hotel and Tourist Administration at the International School of Tourism (Belgium) and has in-depth experience in many aspects of hotel management. Anastasios has lectured at colleges; consulted for tourism sector clients and has also delivered in-house training courses at 4 and 5-star hotels across the island in a wide range of industry topics. He has held numerous managerial positions in various departments of high-star hotels in Cyprus, including Sales and Marketing, Conferences and Incentives, and Food & Beverage. Anastasios has organised major tourism exhibitions around the world, as well as participating in them as a representative for the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (now the Deputy Tourism Ministry), and as part of the delegation for the many, local high-star hotels that he held positions in.


Diamanto Anastasiou is responsible for Student Support & Welfare Services at Akademia College. She holds an MA in Digital Media and Communication from the University of Nicosia (Cyprus); a Degree in Communication & Internet Studies from the Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus), and completed a certification for Successful Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Company Sales from the Social Space Academy (Cyprus). Diamanto has worked extensively in media and promotion as a print, online, TV and radio journalist, and as a Media, Marketing & Communications Officer for various publications, organisations and companies. She has worked on theatre productions in different roles, including production, music, organisation, media and promotion and presented the research of ‘Voices of Cyprus’ - the six-month project for the African Community of Cyprus through the programme “Supporting participatory Community Media and Citizen’s Media literacy in Cyprus”.


Maria Pashia is the Seminar Administrator at Akademia College and is responsible for liaising with hotels and restaurants on the island for the organisation of trade seminars held at the college. She studied Hotel Tourism from the Austro-American Society (Austria), and Hotel Travel and Tourism in Cyprus. Her professional repertoire features a broad range of positions held in the hotel and tourism industry and in private companies, including within the areas of accounting, sales and administration. Maria speaks Greek, English and German.