Student Mobility/Erasmus+

Mobility Programmes / Erasmus+

The Mobility Programmes in Erasmus+ provides opportunities for people to experience learning mobility in Europe and beyond, and for youth workers to develop their interpersonal skills and improve their employment prospects through training and networking opportunities.

Every year our College offers to our students and staff the opportunity to acquire experience abroad, learn from best practices, improve leadership, teamwork, intercultural communication and language skills, as well as strengthen the self- confidence and independence of students and pedagogical competences of lecturers.

The mobilities focus on the development of entrepreneurial thinking and application creativity, strategic thinking and business planning/ management tools. The participants work under supervision and in cooperation with the organisation's personnel. Thus, they apply the theory they learned during the academic semester into practice, in real-life situations.

All college students and faculty can apply and take part in any of the mobility programmes by contacting the Student Affairs Student Mobility office. For more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 23010023.

D-VET Project 2021-2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the regular delivery of education and training and forced the education sector to face a lot of challenges connected to the sudden shift to online and distance learning. But at the same time it provoked educators to think how to turn these challenges to opportunities and to look for new ways of teaching and training, especially those working in VET sector because of the specifics of the subjects taught. 

This project aims to boost the digital competencies of educators as well as providing the know-how to create online VET lessons and equipping them with tools, methodologies and ready-to-use materials. By the end of the project there will be an online collection of lessons that will be free to access for both VET educators and students. Watch this space!

Project Meetings

1st Meeting 07-08 December 2021, Sofia - Bulgaria

The first meeting took place on December 7th and 8th, 2021, hosted at the Vocational High School of Design "Elisaveta Vazova," and included participants from Portugal, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, and Turkey, all collaborating within the framework of the Erasmus+ D-VET project.

During this meeting, discussions centered around forthcoming project activities and financial policies. The D-VET logo was introduced to the attendees and received unanimous approval. The decision was made to convene the next meeting in Prague on June 28th and 29th, 2022.

2nd Meeting 28-29 June 2022, Prague - Czech Republic

The second meeting of the D-VET project took place in Prague on June 28th and 29th. During this gathering, project partners deliberated over the progress achieved thus far and discussed the next phases of the project.

The methodology, presented by our Portuguese partners, for developing captivating online lessons in vocational schools is nearly complete and is scheduled for launch in the coming months. As part of this meeting, a framework for engaging online lessons was established.

Looking ahead, the third meeting is scheduled to be held in Cyprus from August 28th to September 2nd. The primary objective of this meeting will be to put the methodology for creating online lessons into practice. Additionally, preparations are underway for a teacher training program, and ideas for a platform to share our results are being developed.

The event was a resounding success and was greatly enjoyed by all participants.

3rd Meeting 28 Aug - 2 Sep 2022, Ayia Napa - Cyprus 

From August 28th to September 2nd, the third meeting of the Erasmus+ D-VET project took place in Agia Napa, Cyprus, with the participation of all project partners.

During this meeting, the methodology for online lessons was introduced. The Portuguese partners conducted training sessions on various digital tools, including video editing, communication, and the use of the digital lesson-sharing platform Moodle. Participants had the opportunity to create and promote their own lessons.

As part of the visit, project members toured the ACC Academia College in Derinea, gaining insight into its operational processes. The experience left participants brimming with positive emotions and enthusiasm for their future project endeavors.

They expressed their satisfaction with the hosting organization, the overall atmosphere, and the cultural program provided during the meeting.

4th Meeting 12 -13 Jan 2023, Aveiro - Portugal

The fourth gathering of the Erasmus+ D-VET project was convened in Aveiro, Portugal.

During this meeting, an overview of the activities accomplished to date and the progress made on the pilot lesson plan was provided. Additionally, an online tutorial platform called Wiki was introduced and deliberated upon by the partners. Financial matters, including the financial report, as well as plans for ensuring the sustainability and dissemination of the project, were discussed.

It was decided that the final meeting of the project would be held in Bolu, Turkey, in September 2023.

The meeting was impeccably organized, and the partners' stay was both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.

5th Meeting 07 - 08 Sep 2023, Bolu - Turkiye

The final meeting of the Erasmus+ D-VET project occurred in Bolu, Turkey, from September 7th to 8th, 2023.

Throughout this meeting, the partners presented their revisions of the work accomplished on the methodology, the pilot lessons, and the online Wiki platform designed for sharing lessons and experiences. The partnership also engaged in discussions regarding the preparation of the final report and the necessary documentation.

Furthermore, the partners deliberated on the organization of Multiplier Events, emphasizing quality assurance and dissemination as key aspects of the meeting's agenda. Members of the project also explored strategies for the project's future continuation, aimed at furthering the development of professional education and sustaining the project's outcomes.

Teacher Training Workshop

After the successful training programme in Cyprus, all partners conducted their own teacher training sessions in their home countries.

Here are some of our teachers being shown the online wiki where all online lessons will be accessible once the project is complete. During the session, training was given to show how teachers can incorporate different technological tools into their lessons and how to bring gamification into the classroom to make the lesson content more interesting and therefore helping student motivation and engagement.

Project Results

We had an information day in Platres showing the aims, objectives and scope of the project as well as the project result of the online lessons wiki. All attendees work within the hospitality sector and were very interested in the type of lessons available and how they can be utilised for training purposes.